Check Ups

An exam plays a really important part in your overall dental care. We will check the health of your mouth as a whole. We check the gums, cheeks, tongue, roof of mouth, jaw joints and muscles of the face for abnormalities. We also check your teeth, fillings and all previous dentistry you have had done. We can then grade your level of risk when it comes to tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer and tooth wear. We can then help you prevent these problems, treat them and build a plan for the future.

  • Preventative checks

  • Gum disease treatments

Visiting a dentist regularly ensures we can help restore and maintain good dental and oral health, this in turn means we can prevent problems from occurring. This all results in our patients living a pain free life and a healthy mouth.


We are able to offer appointments with our Dental Hygienist/Therapist for full mouth assessments of your gums to aid diagnosis of Periodontal Disease. Periodontal disease affects the gums, bone and other supporting tissues of the teeth. By us carrying out this full assessment we can determine what further treatment is needed to aid the patient in maintaining a healthy mouth.

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is frequently known as the ‘silent’ disease because often patients are not aware of the signs and symptoms in its early stages and the changes this brings in the mouth. An important part of gum disease is that in its early stages it is treatable and reversible. By seeing our Dental Hygienist and Therapist for a full screening of your gums, prevention techniques are given to help stabilise and prevent the gum disease from progressing.

If the gum disease has progressed and is effecting the bone structure of the teeth, then further treatment and appointments are planned in along with oral hygiene instruction to help stabilise the advancement of the gum disease.


The journey to your dream smile starts at Church Street Dental Practice. On the day of your consultation, one of our Invisalign providers or our experienced treatment coordinator will talk you through Invisalign.

What is it? How does it work? What does the treatment involve? And how long does it take?

Any questions or concerns will be answered during your consultation.


  • Enlighten Whitening

  • Boutique Whitening

Do you have stained teeth that make you feel self-conscious about smiling? Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatment we offer and great at improving the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Teeth can be stained by foods, drinks, smoking and certain medications. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can lighten the colour of your teeth by using a safe dental bleaching agent. Individual results vary and are based on your initial tooth colour and the nature of your tooth staining.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Strong

Many people turn to cosmetic dentistry, or ‘aesthetic dentistry’, as a way of improving their appearance from slight twists in their teeth to discolouration. They do this in the same way they might use cosmetic surgery or even a new hairstyle. The treatments can be used to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth.

For over 150 years standard fillings have been made out of a silvery-grey material called ‘amalgam’. This is considered one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials for fillings. However, many people find it unattractive and some are concerned about possible health risks.

White fillings are now a popular alternative to amalgam fillings. The new dental materials mean it is much easier to find a perfect match for the shade of a particular tooth. In most cases, it is quite impossible to see that the tooth even has a filling. Sometimes white filling material can be used to cover unsightly marks on teeth, in a similar way to veneers.


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  • Increased Confidence

  • Facilitates Good Oral Hygiene

  • Improves Functionality

  • Better long term health of teeth and gums

Teeth can be straightened with orthodontics (braces). This is usually done during the teenage years, when the jaws are going through a period of growth. However, many adults also have treatment to straighten their crooked teeth or to improve their appearance. The treatment can take much longer in adults and is therefore more expensive. Some people have clear or plastic braces, which are hardly noticeable.

Many people wrongly assume that your orthodontist deals purely with children’s teeth whereas in reality orthodontics is for all ages. In fact, with the continued advances in dental technology and the wider availability of clear braces as well aligners such as Invisalign, we are helping more adults than ever before to straighten their teeth and correct their smiles.


A dental implant is a fixed solution for one or more missing teeth and can help restore both your smile and your quality of life.

An implant is made up of an artificial titanium root that is fixed to the jawbone, with a crown or bridge fitted on top. They can be made to look and feel just like natural teeth. If you are concerned about your replacement teeth looking realistic or coming loose, implants are an ideal option.

  • Just like natural teeth

  • Permanent stability and comfort

Facial Aesthetics

As well as caring for all aspects of your dental health, we also offer you the opportunity to make a noticeable difference to your skin and how you look, with our safe, effective non surgical facial treatments.

Prices start from only £175!

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Lip-fillers

Dr. Jackson has been an Associate Dentist at Church Street Dental Practice for 12 years and is now expanding her skills and has completed a course led by Dr. Bob Khanna who is the UK’s leading facial aesthetic training institute.

Did you know?

A lot can change between check up appointments – teeth can become decayed, stained or even fracture for a number of reasons. From too much sugar to accidentally biting on something too hard.

This is why at your check up appointment, we look out for the early signs and always plan to treat these problems before they start to become a problem.

If we have planned treatment for you, please ensure you get this done as soon as possible – because if left too long, we may have to complete another examination, which would incur additional charges.

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