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Dentist Smashes Charity Bike Ride Target


A dentist from Bilston has helped raise £15,000 for a children's charity - 10 times more than his target. Jaz Jandu, principle dentist at the Church Street Practice, raised the cash with friends by taking part in a charity bike ride from Paris to London. Staff at the dental practice originally asked patients to help

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All about braces


Braces Braces aren’t just for kids anymore and tooth alignment can be improved at any age, so long as your gums and bone structure are healthy - so it is never too late.

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All about hygienists


Dental hygienists They can professionally clean your teeth above and below the gum – this is known as scaling and polishing and is a vital part of keep teeth and gums healthy. Once plaque hardens and becomes tartar only a hygienist can remove it by using specialist equipment.

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All about root canal treatment


What is root canal treatment and when is it necessary? Root canal treatment (also called ‘endodontics’) is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (called the ‘pulp’) is infected through decay or injury. You may not feel any pain in the early stages of the infection.

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