Celebrating Vanessa’s 40th Year At Chuch Street!


In any job, I think it's fair to say that working for the same place for a number of years is quite an achievement. 10, 20, 30 years are all big achievements but this week we have celebrated our lovely practice manager, Vanessa, 40th year at the practice. To put it into perspective, Church Street

Celebrating Vanessa’s 40th Year At Chuch Street!2020-06-11T09:23:18+00:00

TePe’s New Service


TePe have just launched a new online service. So if you have been struggling to get your favourite products, you can now buy them online and have them delivered direct to your doorstep. Their products include: Interdental brushes (all the different sizes) Original Angle Extra soft Easy pick TePe Online Shop This Is

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Moms Fight!!


We like to support our patients for their oral health needs and also for their personal needs as well. One of our patient's moms needs our help: Go fund me page - For Doreen: My name is Carly and I have 2 brothers, Ashleigh and Luke. We would like to share our amazing, beautiful mom's

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Long Standing Patient of Dr Jandu Teaches a 11 Year Old To Swim After Tracheotomy


One of the most heart-warming Serco stories of the summer involved the dedication and professionalism of three colleagues at Fox Hollies Leisure Centre in Birmingham, combined with the courage of a young girl called Georgia Anthony. Georgia has a tracheostomy, which has always proved a barrier to her enjoying time at Fox Hollies swimming

Long Standing Patient of Dr Jandu Teaches a 11 Year Old To Swim After Tracheotomy2020-07-19T09:53:52+00:00
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